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Ann has written for a variety of national and international publications. See below for a complete list of publications and presentations.

United Nations:
Food and Agricultural Organization Conference Paper

Committee on commodity problems

Commodity exchanges and derivatives markets evolution, experience and outlook in the cereal sector.
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United Nations:
Food and Agricultural Organization Conference Presentation

Commodity Exchanges and Derivatives Markets: The New World

Commodity exchanges and derivatives markets evolution, experience and outlook in the cereal sector.
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Financial Times Commentary

Dollar depreciation is not the only route to resolving US current account deficit's travails

The flexibility of the US consumer financial marketplace has lined consumer pockets with several hundred billion dollars over the past few years, particularly with the turning of unsecured credit card debt into asset-backed security agreements.
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Finacial Markets International

Potatoes, Mentha Oil, and Cardamom Commodity Futures Markets An Assessment

India is witnessing a fundamental change in its agricultural sector. Since the introduction of futures markets in 2003, it has seen advances in productivity, farm price realization, infrastructure modernization, and risk management capabilities. By allowing its exchanges to flourish in a free market, India has enjoyed greater success in agricultural product creation & markets integration than any other country. View Paper

TurkDEX: An Appraisal

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

In the following article, Ann Berg, an experienced industry consultant, reviews the progress made by the Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TurkDEX) in its early phase of development.
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Money’s Sordid Tale of Dirty Floats,
Debasement and Doom

Futures: Issue September 2006

Marx extolled it as the numeraire. Keynes damned it as a barbarous relic. In the end, Nixon snuffed it. Yet for more than two millennia, gold was matchless among precious metals, valued in multiples against silver, copper or bronze.  Read Part I | Read Part II

Want to Buy a Sukuk?

Futures: Issue July 2006

Imagine living in a parallel financial world where bankbooks earn rents, leases procure homes and scholars vet stocks. A world where merchants divulge profit margins in advance to buyers and commodities stream as dividends from capital investments.
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Commodities Then and Now

Trader–Source: Issue November/December 2004

The ‘great American grain robbery,’ Arab oil embargo, collapse of the Bretton Woods fixed currency system and President Richard Nixon’s visit to China — these were the events shaping the global commodity trade 30 years ago.
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Cover Story:

Does the Futures Industry need Revamping?

Futures: Is It Broke?

Some propose that if the securities industry market model works, it should work for the futures industry as well.
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